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February 2015
Malaria parasites unlikely to jump from animals to humans
A new study indicates that it is unlikely that Plasmodium species that infect other animals would cross over easily to humans.. read more

December 2014
Scientists Find Multiple Wolbachia Genomes Integrated in a Drosophila Chromosome
Investigators found multiple complete bacterial genomes integrated into an animal genome


Cis regulatory motifs and antisense transcriptional control in the apicomplexan Theileria parva.
Tretina K, R Pelle and JC Silva.
BMC Genomics. 2016 17(1):128. [read more].

Quantification of the ratio of host-to-parasite DNA in samples from Theileria parva-infected host lymphocyte cell lines.
Gotia HT, JB Munro, DP Knowles, CA Daubenberger, RP Bishop, JC Silva.
PLoS One. 2016 11(3):e0150401. [read more].

The genomes of three stocks comprising the most widely utilized live sporozoite Theileria parva vaccine exhibit very different degrees and patterns of sequence divergence.
Norling M, Bishop RP, Pelle R, Qi W, Henson S, Drábek EF, Tretina K, Odongo D, Mwaura S, Njoroge T, Bongcam-Rudloff E, Daubenberger CA, Silva JC.
BMC Genomics. 2015 Sep 24 [read more].

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Masai woman with cattle

Masai woman with cattle.


Theileria Resources

Primary contact: Joana Carneiro da Silva

  • T. parva genome re-annotation, 2015: access the new annotation in jbrowse.
  • T. parva genome resources can be found at NCBI.
  • Additional T. parva genomic resources, including homology with other Apicomplexa species, can be mined in EuPathDB, and specifically PiroplasmaDB.
  • Theileria parva, Muguga: chromosome identifiers
  • Piroplasma gene orthologous groups: Sybil database

Mycoplasma Resources

Primary contact: Joerg Jores